Does this sound familiar? You would like to change cable TV providers, but the thought of the associated hassle stops you cold:  sending back cable boxes, making installation appointments, the inevitable billing errors? No thank you! Despite the potential cost savings, it is easier to leave things as is. The thought of transitioning your mobility program to a new provider can often feel just as daunting as switching cable providers (okay, maybe more so!). There are many moving pieces involved in a relocation implementation, but Cornerstone has the tools to make sure they all fit together seamlessly.  

Our team of implementation professionals will guide you through a streamlined project plan. We start by reviewing your policies, relocation program objectives and your business goals and make recommendations and edits to your policies as appropriate, with your complete buy-in. Cornerstone will then utilize your relocation policies to pre-populate our Implementation Guide and Policy Details with your mobility procedures and policy parameters. This 'I-Guide' is a key differentiator in guiding us through the process. We create a workspace for each client in Smartsheet which is a collaborative work management tool we use to streamline the process and to promote full transparency. This time-saving first step allows us to focus on the pieces of the mobility program that may need additional clarification so that we can manage your global mobility program successfully. You have the ability 24/7 to view the notes, project status, and action items that are next up in the process.

Second, we coordinate and schedule meetings with key stakeholders to navigate the action items and key steps. We are cognizant of your time and want to ensure that each meeting is organized and stays on track so that we can capture the information needed and move forward with the implementation. Our Implementation team will work closely with everyone involved, documenting critical information as we move forward.

Third, we will train our operations team on your culture, mobility program, and expectations. All policy and procedure guidelines are configured in Cornerstone’s web portal, TrackStar, which is accessible to all of your team members you designate. Information such as policy, policy updates, client contacts, specific client mandates, forms specific to the client, and contracted scope information will be contained in the system. Trackstar is a single self-contained system, available 24/7 and houses data in real time. Our authorizations, reporting, employee and client portals, billing, supplier information, work orders - are all housed centrally in Trackstar. This establishes a consistent and accurate interpretation and use of policy, procedures and client-specific information by all participants in the relocation process.  We will also spend time training you on accessing your personalized portal so you can submit authorizations, view real time employee data, and run reports.  

Now we are ready to receive an authorization and start our long-lasting partnership. Cornerstone’s goal is a smooth and straightforward implementation, which ultimately saves our clients both time and money. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Changing cable providers should be this simple!

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