Navigating the Complexities of a Lump Sum Program

Lump Sums are typically used to simplify the relocation process. However, there are multiple considerations when deciding if it is right for your mobility program. Read More


Where has the year gone?
Reporting year-end compensation collection.

“Is it October already?? Where has the year gone?” This is a question that many Global Mobility, HR and Payroll professionals ask themselves as they anticipate the upcoming year-end payroll close. Read More


Your homesale program is good. Or is it?

There are many dimensions to homesale programs that not only affect the ability to attract talent and global mobility success but also risk management. What is the trend in your industry? Read More


Who's on First? Understanding Global Expense & Compensation Management

The cost of a compliant global expense compensation program is often overlooked or not well understood by many organizations prior to selecting a delivery model. Read More


The Importance of RMC Transparency

Gaining a better understanding of how RMC's produce revenue and generate savings to pass onto their clients can lead to successful partnerships. Read More


10 Tips for a Successful Employee Group Move

Here’s a cringe-worthy scenario: your boss informs you of an upcoming group move and the announcement is just around the corner. The pre-announcement day tasks you have been assigned feel never-ending: Read More


The Duty of Care Obligation

Should a company be obligated to ensure employee well-being even if it is not legally required? Is non-mandated safety a corporate responsibility or simply an individual one?
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Streamlining the RFP Process

While the global mobility RFP process is both time consuming and labor intensive, with proper preparation and a streamlined process, successful results can be had without the typical challenges... Read More


Mobility Professionals Should Have Their Eyes on Latin America

Latin America has had its challenges with business growth over the last decade, but when it comes to fostering a startup culture, it gets high marks... Read More