Global Relocation Services

Global Relocation Services

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We know how critical it is for companies to make sure their relocating employees are not only in the right locations at the right time but that they are also happy and flourishing in their new role.

Our service philosophy at Cornerstone is to approach each relocation as more than just a transaction. It can be an emotionally difficult and stressful time for an employee and their family, so we make the process as seamless as possible. We provide your relocating employees with an experienced consultant to help navigate them through the move, explaining their relocation benefits in detail, emphasizing critical aspects and executing on the services flawlessly based on the established timeline. When the employee arrives at a point where a decision must be made, the consultant advises them expertly by explaining the advantages as well as potential pitfalls of each option. If an unforeseen circumstance comes up that requires additional oversight or approval, we have an established process to ensure that decisions and resolutions can be addressed swiftly.

We also equip you with an industry experienced account director who collaborates closely with the mobility team, offering them strategic planning and goal setting, actionable analytics to make informed decisions and guidance on industry trends and best practices.

Beyond the account director and consultant, we have an entire support team from various service departments that ensure every step of the process is taken so that the entire coordination of the move is orchestrated with fluidness. From the property disposition of the origin home to the management of the household goods move, every facet of the relocation is carried out with the highest quality and adherence to service level agreements making your global mobility program a success with your employees.

US and Canada Domestic Services

Program Development and Consultation

We take a unique partnership approach in providing guidance on building and implementing a relocation program and approach that works for your culture, goals and talent management strategy. Outside of the standard solutions, we look at the best practices that align with your culture. Whether that is a fixed, tiered, or menu driven policy approach, or even a blend of all of them, our consulting services team focuses on creating a program that will meet your goals and provide you with high employee satisfaction ratings.

Pre-decision Services

Competing for good talent can sometimes be challenging and you may need help in capturing the benefits of accepting the offer and relocation. We offer a candidate service that includes counseling as well as coordinated area tours to orient and show the employee and their family the culture and possible lifestyle in the new location. Our objective is to address any concerns or negative perceptions the family may have and refocus the candidate on the positives of the company’s program and the new location.

Home Marketing Assistance

Home marketing assistance is a core program designed to provide professional marketing expertise and support to your relocating employees. Our relocation consultants will select two pre-screened real estate sales professionals, order two Broker’s Market Analyses, evaluate their findings, and then develop, discuss and implement a comprehensive marketing plan to help take the emotion out of the home selling process. The relocation consultant will proactively manage the selected real estate agent to ensure the home is marketed according to the plan designed to achieve the highest and best offer within the relocation timeframe. Once an offer is received, the relocation consultant will assist with negotiations and counter-offers, manage the home closing, and offer objective, fact-based advice throughout the sale process.

Home Sale Services

Our home sales are designed to make the process of selling the home as stress free as possible. Our relocation consultants will select two pre-screened real estate sales professionals, order two Broker’s Market Analyses, evaluate their findings, and then develop, discuss and implement a comprehensive marketing plan designed to achieve the highest and best offer. Once the home is listed on the market, the consultant will proactively manage the real estate agent to ensure the home is marketed according to the plan.

We offer our expertise and guidance on the two most common home sale programs:

Buyer Value Option (BVO)

A BVO program offers less risk to organizations as well as tax advantages. In a BVO program, title is ultimately passed from the employee to the relocation company and then to the third-party buyer. In a BVO, the employee will market the home until a bona fide offer is received. We will then extend an offer to the employee based on the same terms.

Guaranteed Buyout Offer (GBO) / Amended Value Offer (AVO)

A GBO allows your relocating employee to relocate as quickly as possible by alleviating a possible extended home marketing process. It also provides the employee and your company with tax advantages. With the GBO, we offer to purchase the home from your relocating employee to relieve them of the financial obligations of the home in order to settle in to the new location. Property valuation for the offer amount is achieved through two independent appraisals. Once the offer is extended to the employee, they typically have a defined marketing period in which to generate an offer from a third-party buyer. If the home doesn’t sell during that time, we purchase the home in accordance with the company’s policy and procedures. After the purchase (acquisition), we list the property, implement an aggressive marketing strategy, and maintain the property until it is resold.

If a relocating employee receives an outside offer during the marketing period, Cornerstone will “amend” the Appraised Value Offer to the same price and terms negotiated with the outside buyer creating an “Amended Value Offer”.

Expense Administration and Management

We know that employees want to be reimbursed on their expenses as quickly as possible, so we have developed an expense administration process that offers one of the shortest turnaround times in the industry! We will audit, approve and process employee reimbursements, allowances and supplier payments in accordance with your relocation policies. Each audit step is independently validated prior to disbursement to ensure the accuracy of payments. In addition, a team of expense analysts completes a five-point audit using a live analyst audit, automated system controls and organizational knowledge and structure. A supervisory review follows to ensure accurate approvals.

Home finding Assistance

When it comes to home finding we know how important it is for an employee’s lifestyle needs to be addressed. We want them to feel comfortable in their new location so they can acclimate quickly and thrive in their new location. Our relocation consultant spends quality time assessing the employee’s housing and community needs including special family needs, commute distances, price ranges and family lifestyle preferences. This includes finding the appropriate real estate agent, planning home finding trips, area tours and assisting with setting school appointments (if applicable).

Rental Assistance

Not everyone wants the commitment of being a homeowner so for those employees that have a desire to rent in the new location, the consultant will complete a thorough needs assessment and then identify local and web-based resources to assist the employee in locating rental housing. Our network of rental partners provide escorted housing tours, advisement on local rental practices and security deposits to help your employee find a new rental home or apartment that is suitable to their lifestyle.

Household Goods Move Management

Cornerstone works with a preferred network of van line carriers and shipping solutions. In addition, our flexibility allows us to work with the carriers selected or preferred by our clients. The relocation consultant will manage the shipment and storage of household goods and ensure that it is consistent with the company’s policy. In addition, with our network of carriers, we monitor the carrier, collect invoices, complete an outside audit of the invoice and services, and assist with resolution of all claims.

Temporary Living Assistance

There are often occasions when a relocating employee needs to be in the new area quickly. In those cases, temporary living is a must to get the employee started in their new role until long term housing is found. Our consultant will conduct a needs assessment to identify the employee’s needs and coordinate with our network partners to locate suitable temporary housing. We have both national and local contracts with preferred corporate housing companies, furniture rental companies, and extended-stay hotel chains in virtually every city to provide flexibility in choice and cost. We will evaluate the most cost-effective temporary housing for your relocating employee based upon timeframe, needs and location and make all subsequent arrangements.

Mortgage Assistance

We offer mortgage assistance for relocating employees through our network of preferred partners. They are proactive in providing creative financing options and will offer a wide range of mortgage options to choose from at competitive rates. The consultant will monitor the application and approval process to ensure everything stays aligned with the relocation timeline.

Career Assistance

In addition to becoming an advocate for the spouses/partners of your relocating employees, our consultants will also coordinate assistance in locating employment in the new area. We work with highly reputable and accredited service providers in our network to assist with the resume’ writing, job search strategy, career continuation and career connection services.

Global Services

Global Services

Candidate Assessment

Assistance in identifying the strongest candidate for an assignment through a global human resource consultant group. This process will foster informed decision-making by the employee and family as to the likely success of an international relocation. Can help protect the company’s return on investment as de-selection by the employee is preferable to a failed relocation.

Letter of Assignment (LOA)

Creation of the Letter of Assignment is the governing document that details the terms and conditions of the assignment, and can include the expected assignment duration, the compensation package and other specific assignment-related benefits.

Policy Counseling

Initial discussion between the relocating employee and Relocation Consultant to educate on the precise nature of their benefits including answering any questions, setting expectations and the timeline of the move.

Assignment Cost Estimate

Development of a cost projection for a global assignment that is customized to include assignment type, length, compensation, relocation expenses, taxes and incremental costs.

Visa & Immigration Assistance

Assistance provided to obtain necessary passports, work permits, visas and other documentation for the employee to legally work and live in the destination country including tracking and management of renewals.

Home Finding Assistance

Assistance in helping the employee and family find permanent housing in the new location. Coordination is provided for scheduling an area orientation with local resources to seamlessly offer a custom-tailored home search effort including assistance with lease negotiations and logistic support regarding deposit requirements.

Destination Services

Assistance with coordinating a local destination services provider; speeds acclimation for the employee and family. Services can include area orientation, home finding, school orientation, settling-in assistance, etc.

Cultural & Language Training

Assistance with providing cross cultural and language training for assignees and their families so they are fully prepared for arrival in the new country. Highly experienced instructors teach in response to a full spectrum of needs either in person, online in home or host country.

Shipment of Household Goods

Management of the household goods shipment through Intellibid, an established two bid program that ensures cost competitiveness and service quality. This includes necessary paperwork for international shipment including duties and clearance with the freight forwarder.

Temporary Living Assistance

Coordination of temporary lodging for assignee and/or family either both the departure and destination locations. Booking is through an online tool that collects bids based on the needs assessment and policy benefits. This provides competitive pricing, quality, amenities offered and location comparison in real time.

Education Assistance

Assistance with providing education consulting services which may include assembly of school information to assistance in the application and enrollment process to escorted meetings with the school’s admissions office. Information is provided to families regarding educational options for their children in the destination location.

Spouse/Partner Career or Transition Assistance

Assistance with providing services for spouse/partners accompanying the assignee, which includes help with the coordination of work permit. In locations where a work permit is not possible, we will ensure that proper coordination is completed for career continuation or enrichment activities, such as volunteer or educational endeavors.

Global Compensation

Centralized coordination of all data collection and tracking of worldwide payments on a single platform. The data consists of locally paid local and social tax payments, allowances paid in the host country and payroll benefits paid to assignees due to regulatory requirements etc. Payments can be converted into home, host and company currency in all locations providing customized payroll and total cost reporting.

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