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Cornerstone’s 2023 Sustainability Report

Cornerstone proudly presents our 2023 Sustainability Report, reaffirming our dedication to Social Responsibility principles and outlining our future goals. This report details our established foundation, progress, and upcoming objectives. Our efforts align with our ongoing commitment to bettering our world, guiding our corporate strategies and long-term growth plans.

Cornerstone Cares.

You can see it in the way we share our clients’ concerns for their employees and business strategy. You will see it in the way we work with our mobility partners to minimize waste and reduce energy consumption. It can be found in a global supply chain that reflects our values and ethics. When it comes to our team members, Cornerstone’s culture is designed for the kind of connectedness, opportunity, and inclusivity that today’s workforce is seeking – and that they deserve. We carry that sentiment with us everywhere we go – to where our employees live, work, and play. Every Cornerstone team member is encouraged to contribute to their local communities, serving meaningful causes that make the world a better place. We are looking towards a future of long-term sustainability, social responsibility, and a compassionate role in our shared community.

Bettering our Environment

To us, protecting the world we live in from irreparable change will not boil down to a single solution. Cornerstone firmly believes that environmental sustainability requires an all-of-the-above approach of improvement, evaluation, adjustment, and monitoring.

This is why the Cornerstone team’s Sustainability Committee is implementing and monitoring several processes and measurements relating to our impact on the environment, and that of our extensive supplier partner network.

Social Responsability EcoVadis

A Word on Our Sustainability Rating

Cornerstone is a proud participant in annual assessments of our corporate governance, social responsibility, ethical practices, and sustainability programs through EcoVadis. Cornerstone is thrilled to have received a bronze rating in our most recent assessment. EcoVadis is a sustainability ratings program leveraged by companies around the globe and is used by organizations focused on sustainable procurement practices.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Cornerstone is committed to a culture of BELONGING. As a global mobility organization, where people are at the center of everything we do, we are mindful of our responsibility to listen, learn, engage, and empower.

RESPECT - We cultivate an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and celebrated; where diverse ideas and beliefs are sought out and incorporated into our structure and strategy.

EDUCATION - We provide ongoing education as an essential part of our workplace culture, and DEI education is critical in understanding how to combat the inherent complexities of equity and unconscious bias. Our leaders are taught to bridge differences, inspire creative innovations and perspectives, and leverage the broad range of talents of our global workforce.

SOLUTIONS - We collaborate with our clients to reimagine their mobility programs through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We work closely with clients to develop more inclusive policy language, broaden the scope of benefits, and find creative ways to offer mobility packages to people with unique needs. This ensures that clients’ mobility programs open doors, demonstrate equity and inclusivity, and create a diverse, multicultural leadership pipeline for their organizations.

PARTNERS - We engage with service providers that share our passion for belonging. We actively seek diverse suppliers through minority business development organizations. Having grown from that same foundation, Cornerstone understands the need to support these businesses and the benefits they bring to our clients and their relocating employees. Our TrackStar™ global mobility technology provides the ability to track and report on diverse business status and supplier spending. We customize supplier engagement targets to match our clients’ program objectives.

Corporate Ethics, Governance & Compliance

At Cornerstone, we believe our compliance standards, processes, and systems are key to a foundation of trust with our employees, clients, their relocating employees, our network of supplier partners, and the wider community in which we live.

Our values and principles serve as our North Star, guiding our actions and decisions every day, and promoting fair treatment and equal opportunities for our employees worldwide.

Cornerstone’s rigorous ethics, labor, and human rights policies and processes help us to maintain a safe, healthy, and supportive work environment for all. We know that our employees are our greatest asset, and Cornerstone strives to support them with the resources they need to thrive personally and professionally.

Our commitment to fair treatment and respect for human rights is an essential aspect of our corporate culture and a fundamental part of our identity as a responsible global corporate citizen.

Matching Values with Volunteers

Cornerstone was built on compassion and caring: for clients, for their employees, and for our own remarkably kind and empathetic team members.

The same thoughtful qualities that make our employees so good at their jobs are also evident in the causes they support. Over the past few years, Cornerstone staff members have contributed their time and talents to support the causes that are near and dear to their hearts, such as the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition, Community Food Bank of NJ, Girl Scouts of America, and Rotary Club, to name a few.

Cornerstone is proud to empower our employees’ desire to lift our neighbors and give back to the communities that provide us with so much joy. This is why we encourage our workforce to support community causes they care about by providing volunteer-specific time-off (VTO) to work with qualified 501(c)(3) organizations and other approved organizations of their choosing.

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