The request for proposal (RFP) process can be challenging for both the corporate buyer or client, as well as the relocation management company (RMC). 

Creating an RFP and asking all the right questions is an enormous challenge. However, sifting through the responses and trying to determine what separates one company from another is nearly impossible these days. 

Has the RFP process served you well in your past? Did you make the right choice given the fact that most RMCs today offer many of the same services? Here are a few observations I have developed over my years in the industry that you might find helpful when creating your RFP.

  • The RMC community is a close-knit group. Many mobility professionals work for a handful of RMCs throughout their careers. This provides for something akin to cross pollination!
  • A rigid RFP process can sometimes drive standardization too far, in the quest to provide for an apples-to-apples comparison. While this makes analyzing the results simpler, it reduces objectivity and could cause you to miss the little nuances that make a company great.
  • In my experience, all RMCs are not the same. Yes, we all provide similar services and we all have the best people on our teams. The key is to identify the subtle differences between the RMCs that may have a big impact on service delivery. 

Here are a few questions you may want to include in your next RFP to try and identify those subtle differences:

  1. Describe the history behind your growth from inception to today.
  2. Describe your company's culture and what makes it unique?
  3. Provide several examples of how you solved complex issues for your clients.
  4. Describe your supplier management philosophy. Partners or just a referral source?
  5. Describe your training programs for employees and suppliers.
  6. What does flexibility mean to your organization and how do you apply it to client engagements?

To use an old cliché, pull back the layers of the onion: 

  • Ask detailed questions to find out what differentiates one company from the next
  • Network with industry suppliers and ask them to share their experiences of working with different RMCs -  Who do they prefer to work with? Who partners with them versus just uses them? 
  • Ask other corporate companies about their experiences with different RMCs

The key is expanding beyond the RFP process to find the right fit for your company culture!

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