It’s that time of the year when your Relocation Management Company (RMC) will be providing you with your performance review of the past year.  Your RMC should present a full picture of your mobility program, including number of moves, total spend, service results, exceptions and trends. Open communication of what’s working well, and where opportunities exist are key. Partnership is the name of the game, and the more honest your discussion is, the more solid your relationship will be.  Here are some tips to make the most of your annual review:

#1 How much time do you have? 

Consider all the data that needs to be reviewed and schedule the appropriate amount of time to review it all.  Annual reviews are a fantastic opportunity to have good dialogue and toss around ideas.  Agree upon an agenda prior to the meeting so that everyone’s expectations are met in terms of what is to be accomplished.  Perhaps have a designated person be the “clock watcher” in an effort to not digress and run out of time.

#2 Who’s invited? 

Prior to the meeting, discuss who should attend internally within your organization.  Senior leaders, HR administrators, procurement, and finance contacts are all key stakeholders in the relocation process, any may want to join your meeting, or at least a portion of the meeting.  Consider those not local and include them virtually.  

#3 Who wants in?

The annual review can be a very useful tool for the day-to-day contact, especially if they answer to many Human Resources Business Partners (HRBP).  At any given time an HRBP may inquire about their business’s total spend, annual initiations, exceptions, etc.  The review should be designed so that the relocation program owner can easily access information they might be asked.  Set expectations in terms of how the review will be used and distributed.  Should there be a section separate for the Business Partners?

#4 What’s new and exciting?  

Your RMC should share all innovations within their organization that will improve your mobility program.  Things like technology enhancements, expansions and new products.  Alternatively, tell your RMC about what’s happening in YOUR organization; think things like new product lines, hiring campaigns, and strategic talent searches.  Your RMC should make sure that they are right-staffed to handle your growing needs and that your relocation policy is in tip top shape to attract those talented folks.  While understandably, no one can predict what might happen tomorrow, if there is knowledge of potential office closures, group moves, etc. happening in the future, the annual review is a good time to share.

#5 Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes 

Spend time reviewing recommendations or suggested relocation program modifications based on historical data, exceptions and industry trends in an effort to enhance the existing policy.  Think about your company philosophy and your goals as an organization.  Is hiring talent a hot button?  If yes, make sure that your relocation policy is innovative and can attract the people you need.  Or is it cost savings?  The RMC should propose ideas around modifying certain global mobility benefits that may be outdated, given the current economic environment (think discount points and loss on sale).  Work together with the common goal of making your mobility program the best it can be and everyone is a winner!

#6 The simple life

Your RMC should bring ideas and ways to make your job in global mobility easier! What types of things are taking up a lot of your time and how can the RMC help?  If exceptions are bogging you down, perhaps come to an agreement on which type of exceptions the RMC can approve through a discretionary fund.  Your RMC should bring you recommendations on services you may not be using, or even aware of, that can help you manage your day-to-day workload even better! 

#7 Celebrate! 

You and your RMC have had a big year together; use the annual review to stop and take a look at all the great things you have accomplished through your partnership.  Did your RMC make a policy change that resulted in costs savings to your organization?  Did you have a banner year with employee feedback?  Feel good about your accomplishments and work together to create goals for the following year. 

#8 The wrap up

Hopefully you have found your meeting with your RMC a valuable use of your time!  There will most likely be a few take-a-ways from your meeting.  Afterward, your RMC should send a wrap-up email listing open items and the responsible party, including next steps.  You should have a strategic list of goals for the following year, to help keep you on track.  Happy meetings!

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