Interestingly, they also say the #1 factor to ensure success is proper integration planning. Ironically, that will be the key to the success of the group move that will surely follow. So, how would you prepare for a possible tsunami of relocations and talent management decisions?

Here’s the challenge: traditional global mobility relocation policies that fit an individual’s need don’t necessarily fit a group move. Therefore, when faced with a group move, the relocation program should be viewed through a different lens.  

The first step is to determine the long term goals and then define the critical success factors that are key in achieving those goals. These factors would include enticing the right talent to relocate while maintaining cost containment. It’s also important to have the appropriate members of management making a cohesive decision; otherwise, it will cause undue business disruption and play a large role in a failed program.

The focus should be setting realistic expectations upfront including estimating the retention and attrition rates.  The sooner you can gauge employee buy-in via a survey, the more information you will have of what specific needs may need to be met along with potential pain points.  By gathering information upfront, budget estimations will be more accurate.

Another important task is to set the timeline of the move.  Whether the goal is to handle in phases or all at once, the move needs to be executed effectively and efficiently for a successful outcome.

It's crucial to know your demographics.  For example, if you have a large population of renters, an option might be to offer new home closing costs as an encouragement to accept the move.  As well, consider offering an enhanced version of spousal assistance to ease the burden of a dual income home.

Another key factor is being aware of the culture of your population.  Whether transitioning within the US or globally, employees may find themselves outside their comfort zone.   To counteract this effect, some companies provide opportunities for the group to get together and mingle to help build comradery and a sense of community.        

Defining your goals, setting upfront realistic expectations and having consistency within the program will assist in cost containment, lower exception spend and will help ensure that the right talent is relocated.  This will foster a substainable and successful group move program.

*Deloitte M&A Trend Report 2017

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