Relocation logistics is “getting your employees to the right places at the right time.” Cornerstone’s relocation consultants recognize and anticipate the myriad of situations that could arise during the relocation process. Along with our experienced support staff of employees, we provide our clients with comprehensive domestic relocation strategies that deliver results.

Our Cornerstone relocation consultants provide a proactive approach to educate relocating employees on the precise nature of their relocation benefits, including their allowances, services provided, reimbursable expenditures, and the overall process. The relocation consultant is responsible for thoroughly explaining benefits and then executing those benefits according to the timeline established.

Cornerstone’s relocation consultant will coordinate all relocation programs and U.S. domestic services, including the selection of appropriate partners, who are the specialized service providers carefully selected to make the relocation process a success.

Program Consultation

Cornerstone works with its clients to benchmark existing policies and strategize programs that best meet their global mobility goals in support of talent management and growth strategies.  We also provide you with information that helps ensure that your program is compliant. Our systems and ongoing education on regulatory and tax compliance issues assist in monitoring program compliance. The services provided by our in-house consulting services team include, but are not limited to: 

  • Policy development
  • Cost/benefit analyses
  • Policy harmonization resulting from mergers and acquisitions
  • Communications programs
  • Meeting facilitation and training for HR managers
  • Group move planning and execution
  • White papers on industry trends and hot topics
  • Research on trends and best practices
  • Industry-specific benchmark studies (e.g., insurance, financial services, pharmaceuticals, etc.)

Policy Counseling

The Cornerstone relocation consultant provides a proactive approach to educate the relocating employee on the precise nature of their relocation benefits, including the services provided, reimbursable expenditures and the process. The relocation consultant is responsible for thoroughly explaining benefits and then executing those benefits according to the timeline established between the relocation consultant and the employee. The relocation consultant is also responsible for direct engagement with all pre-selected specialized services such as identifying and selecting temporary housing options, managing real estate agents, and managing the shipment and storage of household effects. The entire relocation process is carefully executed and managed by the relocation consultant.

Relocation Cost Estimates

Our relocation cost projection calculator greatly simplifies the cost projection process. During implementation, we build custom relocation policy templates designed to be quickly generated by our team of experts, providing you accurate cost projections within 24-48 hours. Estimates can include departure/destination local and state taxes, federal and social security tax costs. Our tax engine is maintained by a team of tax professionals and is regularly updated to reflect changes in tax laws.

Marketing Assistance

Through Cornerstone’s home marketing assistance services, our consultants are in constant contact with your relocating employee and the listing agent to ensure the marketing strategy is being properly implemented and to verify its efficacy. Each week, the consultant will have a scheduled call with the agent to review showings from the prior week. In addition, the listing agent is required to complete a Home Marketing Update Report each week to document activity. Based on the level of activity and feedback from potential buyers, the strategy will be quickly adjusted to counter any criticism — every day counts when marketing a home.

Homesale Services

Our homesale services include selection of two pre-screened real estate sales professionals. We order two Brokers’ Market Analyses (BMAs), evaluate their findings, and then we develop, discuss and implement a comprehensive marketing plan to help take the emotion out of the home selling process. The consultant proactively manages the selected real estate agent to ensure the home is marketed to achieve the highest offer within the relocation timeframe. Once an offer is received, the consultant assists with negotiations and counter-offers, manages the home closing, and offers objective, fact-based advice throughout the sales process. Our goal is to obtain the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time for your employee.

Buyer Value Option (BVO)
A BVO program offers less risk to organizations as well as tax advantages. In a BVO program, title is ultimately passed from the employee to the relocation company and then to the third-party buyer. In a BVO, the employee will market the home with Cornerstone’s assistance until an offer is received. Once a determination is made that the offer is unconditionally bona fide, Cornerstone will extend an offer to the employee based on the same terms. In every instance, Cornerstone will execute two contracts – purchasing the home from the employee and executing the listing agreement with the broker and contract to sell the property to the third-party buyer.

Guaranteed Buyout (GBO)
A GBO allows your relocating employee to relocate as quickly as possible by alleviating a possible extended home marketing process. It also provides the employee and your company with tax advantages.
In a GBO process, two independent appraisals are ordered to determine the market value of the home so a fair offer can be made to the employee. If the two appraisals come back outside a spread of 5%, a third appraisal is ordered and the closest two are averaged to arrive at an offer price.

Household Goods Move Management

Cornerstone works with a preferred network of van line carriers and shipping solutions for all of your global mobility needs. In addition, our flexibility allows us to work with the carriers selected or preferred by our clients. The relocation consultant will manage the shipment and storage of household goods and ensure that it is consistent with the company’s relocation policy. In addition, within our network of carriers, we monitor the carrier, collect invoices, complete an outside audit of the invoice and services, and assist with the resolution of all claims.

Home Finding Assistance

Home Finding
Cornerstone’s relocation consultant assesses the employee’s housing and community needs including special family needs, commute distances, price ranges and family lifestyle preferences and then coordinates with the local real estate community to find the appropriate real estate agent(s) to assist them in locating housing. The relocation consultant will assist in planning home finding trips and area tours, assist with setting school appointments, and send the employee a pre-arrival area information package. If there are school-age children involved, educational, recreational and medical needs of the children often define the areas and communities of most interest. All of this information is taken into consideration to ensure that your relocating employee has a productive home finding trip.

Rental Assistance
The relocation consultant will complete a thorough needs assessment and then identify local and web-based resources to assist the relocating employee in locating rental housing in the new location. Throughout North America we have resources that will provide customized, escorted research and housing tours to help your employee find a new rental home or apartment. In addition, your employee is counseled on rental practices in the destination area, security deposits and lease guidelines. We remain in contact with your employee and their service providers throughout the entire process.

Temporary Living Assistance

Your relocation consultant will conduct a needs assessment to identify the relocating employee’s needs and coordinate finding suitable temporary housing. We have both national and local contracts with preferred corporate housing companies, furniture rental companies, and extended-stay hotel chains in virtually every city to provide flexibility in choice and cost. We will evaluate the most cost effective temporary housing for your relocating employee based upon timeframe, location and special needs (e.g., pets, children, proximity to mass transit, etc.), and make all subsequent arrangements. We offer assistance with both short- and long-term leases. The cost of temporary living can be billed directly through us, or we can arrange for your relocating employee to handle his/her own expenses.
In remote locations, we engage our Global Supplier Solutions group who will research the market and uncover furnished housing or extended stay hotel options.

Mortgage Assistance

Cornerstone’s network of preferred mortgage providers will pre-qualify relocating employees before their home search trip begins. They are proactive in providing creative financing options and will offer your employees a wide range of mortgage options to choose from at competitive rates. As part of our mortgage assistance program, your relocation consultant will monitor the authorization process and loan application and coordinate the closing. Processing will be expedited to make sure your employees can settle into their new locations as quickly as possible and reduce the cost of temporary living expenses.

Partner/Spouse Career Assistance

Career assistance services have been developed with dual-career couples in mind. These services are beneficial in U.S. domestic relocations as well as international assignments, when feasible or permitted. A Cornerstone master career consultant will discuss job objectives, goals, talents, and present situation and will assist with locating satisfying employment in the new area.