More than 300 homes in the Northeast portion of Connecticut have reported structural issues due to failing foundations over the past several years. The state determined that the cause of these foundation failures is the presence of pyrrhotite in the concrete aggregate that was produced by Joseph J Mottes Company and Becker Construction Company from 1982 to 2015. Pyrrhotite adversely affects the structural integrity of the foundation.
Most of the impacted homes are within a 30 mile radius of Stafford, CT, but the issue does extend into portions of Southern Massachusetts (predominantly in the towns of East Longmeadow, Hampden, Monson, Palmer, Wales and Ware).  Foundation cracks can appear at any time, even 15-25 years after the foundation was poured.  Unfortunately, the foundations are not repairable and must be replaced, which can cost $150,000-$300,000 or more.
The state of Connecticut has implemented a financial assistance program to help affected homeowners who meet strict eligibility requirements.  The program is effective with home sales as of 2/1/19; details of this program are available at
Cornerstone Recommendations
  • For homes in Connecticut or southern Massachusetts, once the Broker’s Market Analyses have been completed, which will include an initial visual inspection, Cornerstone will flag any property that meets the age criteria and/or shows evidence of a potential issue.  A home inspection will be ordered prior to listing the home.
  • If the subsequent home inspection notes any structural concerns, Cornerstone will recommend an additional inspection by a professional engineer, again prior to listing the home.
  • If the engineer’s report reveals an issue, we recommend that the home be excluded from the home sale program, and the employee provided with direct reimbursement in lieu of a guaranteed buyout or Buyer Value Option program (as applicable).  The homeowner may be eligible for financial assistance through Connecticut’s program, however resolution and pay-out may take several months. 
  • Employees purchasing homes in these areas should be cautious.  If the company provides home purchase assistance, consider covering a professional engineering report, if needed.