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The 2024 Summer Olympics and Global Mobility

As the world eagerly anticipates the 2024 Summer Olympics, set to take place in Paris, France, the event is poised to have effects on global mobility, ranging from international travel to temporary and corporate housing, and visa regulations to security. With athletes, spectators, and enthusiasts converging from around the globe, it's important for global mobility professionals to stay informed about potential implications on travel plans, accommodations, and entry requirements for your relocating employees.

Editor's Note: After this blog was published, ETIAS announced an updated system launch date of 2025 (not 2024 as referenced below).

International Travel & the 2024 Summer Olympics

The influx of visitors attending the Summer Olympics is expected to significantly impact air travel. As airlines adjust their schedules to accommodate the surge in demand, travelers should be prepared for potential changes in flight availability, increased airfares, and crowded airports during peak periods around the Games. Unless necessary, assignees and expats should consider avoiding relocation and business travel to Paris during the Olympics. However, if travel is unavoidable, booking flights well in advance and staying updated with any schedule modifications will be critical. In addition, if possible, home finding trips should be taken before the start of the Olympics or after events end.

Regional Travel & Increased Demand

Even without a global event, navigating public transit can, at times, feel like learning a sport with travelers reading maps and metro schedules that resemble a coach’s play book. With an influx of visitors to Olympic sites and off-venue surrounding areas, popular regional travel options, like train and ferry systems, will also experience an increase in demand.

Securing Temporary Housing During the 2024 Olympics

With a surge in travelers to Paris for a set period, securing temporary housing might begin to feel like its own competitive endeavor. Hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals will experience high occupancy rates, leading to limited availability and elevated prices. Consider booking your employees’ accommodations early to secure a comfortable stay that aligns with their relocation travel dates.

The 2024 Summer Olympics Impact on Permanent Housing

Like securing temporary housing, looking for permanent housing during this time may bring on its own unique set of challenges for your global mobility program. Given the higher occupancy rates, general availability of permanent housing could be impacted. In addition, some real estate markets predict there may be a rise in prices because of the Games.  

Keep an Eye on Changing Visa Requirements

In addition to the anticipated European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) roll out in 2024, France may implement specific visa provisions to accommodate visitors during the Games. The influx of 2024 Olympics attendees necessitates a careful understanding of visa requirements and entry regulations and their impact on global mobility. It is safe to assume that immigration processing times will increase before the Games. It's imperative to consult the official website of the French embassy or consulate in your home country to stay updated on the latest visa regulations, application procedures, and processing times.

2024 Summer Olympics Security Measures 

Hosting a global event of this magnitude necessitates heightened security measures. Travelers overall should anticipate enhanced security protocols at transportation hubs, event venues, and other attractions. As this will likely cause delays, it's recommended to allow extra time for security checks and adhere to guidelines and compliance regulations provided by authorities to ensure a smooth and safe experience.

Global Mobility & Winning the 2024 Summer Olympics

The 2024 Summer Olympics in France are set to captivate the world with a display of athleticism and unity. As you prepare for your employees’ moves or business travel to this region next year, staying informed about potential impacts on international travel, temporary housing, and visa requirements is paramount. By planning well ahead, embracing cultural opportunities, adhering to official guidelines, and remaining flexible, you can make the most of this extraordinary experience for your relocating employees.

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