Global relocation programs

The challenges of global relocations are constantly evolving due to companies' global growth. That’s why you need a nimble, flexible partner in key global regions with an expert staff and local suppliers that intimately understand the native culture. Great global mobility logistics means understanding country regulations, immigration requirements and payroll considerations for each relocation. Cornerstone does just that with our comprehensive offering of global services, managing thousands of transfers and assignments each year, to more than 160 countries, for multinational corporations including Fortune and Global 500 companies around the globe. The picture doesn’t get any bigger than that.

Candidate Assessment

Cornerstone’s candidate assessment coordination program helps you quickly identify candidates with the greatest potential for success in a global assignment. We have partnerships with global human resource consultant groups with proven testing and assessment tools to select the appropriate candidate. This is a critical aspect of the employee decision making process given the significant investment made in the global assignment.

Letter of Assignment (LOA)

Cornerstone will prepare a letter of assignment, detailing the terms, benefits, allowances, and requirements of each global assignment. The letters are customized based on destination location, client specifications and other important details. Templates and provisions are developed during implementation.

Policy Counseling and Coordination of Benefits

Cornerstone’s global mobility consultants provide a proactive approach to educating your assignees on the precise nature of their assignment benefits, including the initial and on-going allowances and support, the services provided, reimbursable expenditures, and the assignment management process. The global mobility consultant is responsible for policy counseling, thoroughly explaining benefits and then executing those benefits per the timeline established between the consultant and the assignee.

The global mobility consultant will coordinate all programs and services, including the selection of all appropriate GlobeCentral partners which are the specialized service providers carefully selected to make the global assignment smooth, as well as compliant, with local laws and customs.

Global Assignment Cost Estimates

One of the most challenging aspects of global mobility programs is to accurately estimate, budget and accrue for global assignments. Cornerstone understands the importance of this process by leveraging advanced estimation technology solutions. We will customize your global assignment cost estimates to your specific policies whereby minimizing cost surprises. Our in house-cost estimator has the flexibility to use a specific tax position, span multiple years and provide cost estimate comparisons on multiple policies. Leveraging this program with global compensation administration services will enhance your global mobility program by providing the most current data to customize total cost, accrual and estimate to actual reporting. In addition, we recommend estimates be reviewed annually to take into consideration allowance and tax updates and reflect final tax amounts year over year.

Global Homesale and Marketing

Through GlobeCentral, Cornerstone provides the same high level of global homesale and home marketing assistance country-to-country, that we do domestically. We assist with the selection of listing agents where customary, the establishment of listing price, marketing strategy, and negotiations. Throughout the process, the Cornerstone global mobility consultant acts as an advocate for your assignee, making the entire process far less stressful.

Global Property Management

For assignees who decide to retain their homes in the home country, Cornerstone provides global property management assistance. Your global mobility consultant discusses the program with your assignee, provides relevant information, and collects the appropriate documentation. Property management includes both tenant-occupied services and vacant property management services. Simultaneously, our GlobeCentral partner conducts an inspection of the property and develops a marketing strategy to get the home leased as quickly as possible to credit-worthy tenants. This service allows the assignee to focus on his or her new job rather than worrying about being an absentee landlord.

Global Home Finding/Rental Assistance

Once the decision to accept the assignment has been made, Cornerstone’s global mobility consultant will take the information from the needs assessment, company budget and relocation policy along with the information and feedback obtained from the pre-decision orientation trip (if applicable) and use that data to begin the search for long-term housing in the host location. Our global home finding and rental assistance service is designed to closely partner with our local resources to seamlessly provide a custom-tailored home search effort, finding the assignee the right home for their work and lifestyle needs. Once properties are identified, we will assist with the lease negotiations and funding of security deposits.

Temporary Living

The global mobility consultant will identify-short term housing options for the assignee based upon the needs of the assignee and the company’s policy and procedures. The global mobility consultant will analyze a wide array of temporary living options including corporate housing, hotels, private homes, and rental complexes. We assist with the lease negotiations and funding of security deposits and have the ability to offer a turnkey solution, which may include furniture rental (for unfurnished dwellings), basic groceries, international phone calling cards, and concierge services, as needed.

Visa and Immigration

To streamline the entire immigration process, Cornerstone will coordinate all related document preparation, including visas, passports, work permits, etc. with an approved immigration provider – regardless if it is our preferred provider or your own. Cornerstone's knowledgeable and experienced global mobility consultants will coordinate with our visa and immigration experts to expedite routine matters and obtain necessary visas and work permits, in addition to tracking and managing renewals, as necessary.

Intercultural & Language Training

Intercultural Training
Cornerstone provides cross-cultural training so your assignees and their families are fully prepared for arrival in the new country. Our GlobeCentral partner for cross-cultural training provides expat services including intercultural orientation consulting to individuals and families all around the world. Depending upon your policy and family needs, we can provide various levels of training for adults, youth and business culture.

Language Training
Cornerstone partners with several global organizations devoted to language teaching and related expat services. Highly experienced instructors teach languages in response to a full spectrum of needs and a full complement of learning styles. If language training cannot occur prior to the assignment, then in-person or online training can be provided in the host country. The Cornerstone global mobility consultant coordinates these services and Cornerstone receives all invoicing.

Settling-In Services

To help the employee and family acclimate to the new destination, Cornerstone, in cooperation with our local partners, will provide hands-on assistance to your assignees and their families, helping them to settle-in to the new country and its customs. These settling-in services include an area orientation and how to handle daily living issues, such as establishing local bank accounts, and determining the best or appropriate medical facilities in case of emergency. This global mobility service is customized to the needs of the assignment and can also include securing services such as domestic help, drivers or security guards. In addition, our local provider will ensure the required registration process with the appropriate authorities is completed as well as schedule appointments with the consulate, social security office and schools. We can also coordinate assistance programs for your assignees for 24-hour language translation services, emergency evacuation, and security services.

School Assistance

Enrollment in international schools can be challenging. Many schools have waiting lists and the enrollment process can be confusing for a foreign national new to the country. Cornerstone provides comprehensive school assistance services through our GlobeCentral partners around the world. This support encompasses all levels of support that may be required from assembly of school information to assistance in the application and enrollment process to escorted meetings with the school’s admissions office. Information is provided to families regarding educational options for their children in the destination location. A complete education assistance program will alleviate the anxiety of a family embarking on an expatriate assignment with school-age children.

Global Partner/Spouse Assistance

Cornerstone’s global partner/spouse assistance services were designed to help a partner or spouse who accompanies an expatriate on assignment, and may experience significant disruption in their personal lives and careers. Companies may elect to provide employment assistance for partners or spouses who are legally able to work in the host country. Where applicable, the Cornerstone global mobility consultant will coordinate the partner/spouse work permit. In locations where a work permit is not possible, the global mobility consultant will ensure the proper coordination is completed for career continuation or enrichment activities, such as volunteer or educational endeavors.

International Move Management

The Cornerstone international move management program consists of industry leading pre-selected and vetted freight forwarders. Through an established two bid program we are able to streamline the bidding of shipments, ensuring cost competitiveness and adherence to client policy via a web-based platform. 

Tax Services Coordination

Tax rules and regulations will vary dramatically from country-to-country. To ensure full compliance and to alleviate administrative burdens, in partnership with carefully selected suppliers, Cornerstone will handle all tax services coordination, including U.S. and foreign tax return preparation, tax equalization analysis, tracking & collection and expense processing for your international assignees. In addition, we will partner with your tax firm of choice by providing the administrative responsibilities of your global mobility compensation program.

On-Going Assignment Support and Monthly Reporting

Ongoing assignment management is provided for the duration of the employee's assignment and repatriation or re-deployment. The global mobility consultant manages all ongoing assignment benefits such as housing allowances, cost of living or goods and services allowances, home leave trips, and calculation of updates to allowance payments based upon changes in the data tables or family status. The global mobility consultant remains in contact with the assignee and his or her family throughout the length of the assignment offering proactive support. They are also available for emergency and special situations, including security issues, medical or legal matters as well as to confirm receipt and payment of all expenses and disbursements.

Emergency Services Coordination

Through our partners, Cornerstone can help you establish emergency assistance programs for your international assignees that can include emergency evacuation, 24-hour language translation services as well as other security services.

Repatriation/End of Assignment Support

Once the expat assignment reaches an end and the assignee either repatriates or is reassigned to another location, the global mobility consultant will facilitate expatriate departure services including notification to local authorities; returning the apartment to its pre-occupancy condition; disposition of any leased vehicles, furniture and appliances; and recapture of security deposits.

Travel Coordination

To streamline the entire travel process, the Cornerstone global mobility consultant will handle all travel coordination, regardless if we use your preferred provider or Cornerstone's. Cornerstone's knowledgeable and experienced global mobility consultants will evaluate the most cost effective and efficient mode of transport and will expedite, if necessary. The employee will be provided in depth information regarding travel restrictions, country requirements etc. In addition, all travel details will be tracked based on travel type and viewable per Cornerstone's online tools. Various custom reports can be developed during implementation for integration with your HR emergency platform or if outsourced to an emergency evacuation management company, as applicable.

Totalization Agreement Application (US & Non-US Social Tax)

Cornerstone will coordinate the assignees US or Non-Us application in order to obtain a certification of coverage as applicable. The US application will be made to the SSA. The global mobility consultant will track effective and termination dates and ensure all parties are provided with the approved certificate. Upon repatriation or termination, the consultant will update the respective US and/or Non-US Social Tax administrations. The US has totalization agreements with the following countries: