What a great week in Chi-Town!  Atlas held the 51st Annual Atlas Forum at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Chicago this month.  The almost 3-day event gathered clients, industry professionals, guest speakers, van line partners and guests.  “Driving Change” was the theme of the conference, with speakers and panelists focused on the tax law changes, latest trends on safety and security, and risk taking.  Randi Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media held an engaging discussion on her role in the marketing and development of Facebook by her famed brother Mark.  It was great to hear about the early days at Facebook and how they encouraged creative, out-of-the-box thinking.  That same ingenuity was shared by my favorite speaker of the conference, Molly Fletcher.  Molly is known as the female ‘Jerry McGuire’ and has been the sports agent for pro-athletes, coaches and broadcasters.  Her newly released book, Fearless at Work, is on point with our ‘Driving Change’ theme for this years’ conference.   Her speech centered around five key principles – Believe, Discover, Clarity, Discipline and Execution.  To be successful, one must ‘be present’ in relationships, make it about people, protect them and serve them – a premise Cornerstone was founded on 28 years ago and still lives by today.  Great to see colleagues and friends alike – Cheers to Chicago!

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