Entrepreneur Janelle Piatkowski
establishes Cornerstone specializing in
the relocation of high-level executives
Janelle Piatkowski
Cornerstone Expansion
Cornerstone expands service
offerings including outsourced
relocation management.
Cornerstone wins multiple
Fortune 500 clients.
Cornerstone joins forces
with Atlas World Group
to support the company's dynamic
growth and add financial fortitude and
global bandwidth
Atlas World Group Truck
TrackStar platform
Cornerstone creates and
grows ground-breaking technology
platform TrackStar
Cornerstone opens in
Orange County, CA
Cornerstone in Orange County
Cornerstone becomes a full
Atlas subsidiary and Janelle continues to
serve as president and CEO
(and remarkably she doesn't age a day!)
Janelle Piatkowski
Cornerstone in Frankfurt
Cornerstone opens in Frankfurt,
Cornerstone opens in Singapore,
Dallas and Chicago
Cornerstone in Singapore Cornerstone in Dallas Cornerstone in Chicago
TrackStar technology
Cornerstone reimagines TrackStar technology
using the purest configuration of Equus
software offering clients enhanced security,
unique customization and transparency
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