Expense Management

Cornerstone audits, approves and processes relocating employee reimbursements, allowances and supplier payments in accordance with our clients' relocation policies. Employees can submit electronically via TrackStar (online or mobile app) for reimbursement. All payment requests are processed and disbursed through direct deposit, wire or check in the specified currency. Cornerstone focuses on timely payments to maintain superior service and satisfaction levels. Images of supporting supplier invoices are available in our Download Center in TrackStar for complete visibility.

The review and approval process includes a five-point audit, combining automation and human resources to ensure independent validation of each step prior to disbursement. Our staff is intimately familiar with expense management for both US domestic and international relocations and assignments.

Payroll Reporting

Cornerstone maintains interfaces with several enterprise and payroll software systems. Our process is completely customized for our clients and includes continuous payroll audits to ensure accuracy. We recommend this audit be performed at least quarterly between both of our payroll systems. This better ensures a successful year end process and eliminates issues. We encourage our clients to follow a process timeline that is tax compliant, but we will schedule payroll passes that work for your business needs. One of the key benefits of working with Cornerstone is our flexibility in adjusting our process to match your internal requirements.

We seek the best solution for each situation given the open nature of data exchanges as they exist today. Our current exchanges encompass simple text, Excel files, and customized data files built to fit a client’s existing specification using standard ANSI X12 definitions. We transmit files via secure email, encrypted files, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), proprietary networks, and TrackStar upload/ download. During our standard implementation process, Cornerstone will review the needs and interface capabilities with your IT group. Our overall goal is to provide a seamless, impeccable environment for all data exchanges.


Our typical invoicing occurs on a weekly basis via Electronic Invoice Statement (EIS). The EIS includes a consolidated billing statement with detailed invoices for each relocating employee and is designed to allow an automated upload to your accounts payable facility. We can also segment to individual invoices for each employee, business group, region etc. if requested. We provide invoice flexibility in format and structure.

Year-end process

Cornerstone will provide reconciliations throughout the year to ensure a smooth, issue-free, year-end reconciliation. Upon confirmation of acceptance of the final gross-up pass, we reconcile the total expense, gross-up, and net check amounts against your payroll to guarantee that every amount has been properly recorded. Cornerstone completes quarterly payroll audits to ensure issues are resolved before year-end. Our year-end audits include
additional processes designed to ensure the amounts reported at all levels
(program overview, payroll, and transferee) are in agreement and reconciled.

Financial relocation services