The average millennial will change jobs four times in the first decade of their career, according to a LinkedIn study. They want to keep moving up, gain global experiences and see the world.  Sounds exciting!  

But there are some things they'll miss out on by moving from job to job.  Things that I've gained by staying with the same relocation management company for the past ten years.  Things like seeing a company grow and feeling pride because you were part of that growth.  Things like belonging to a work "family" who genuinely cares about not just you, but your spouse and your children and even your dogs! 

I can remember walking through the doors of our relocation headquarters in Basking Ridge, NJ on July 2, 2007 and feeling an immediate sense of belonging.  That was our only office at the time.  Today, with seven global mobility offices worldwide, I can walk into any of them and feel that same comradery.  I can visit our Chicago, California or Dallas office and know I'll get the same welcoming reception. Through social media and Skype technology, I can play "Candy Crush" with Hazel Tan in Singapore and participate in a meeting with Anne Weissenrieder in Frankfurt.  

We all want to grow and experience new things. You don't necessarily have to change companies for that.  Having held four roles in ten years, I'm living proof that staying with one company doesn't mean your career is stagnant.  Quite the contrary!  I went from marketing and consulting to account management and most recently, business development for global and domestic relocation services.  It is possible to learn and grow at the same company when they appreciate you and give you opportunities.  I feel a sense of pride when a new office opens, a new technology is launched, a colleague gets a promotion or a new client for corporate relocation services is signed. 

Our clients get that same feeling. They know they're working with tenured, experienced people who are appreciated and passionate about what they do. They have a sense of security knowing that their team is here to stay. 

Why stay?  Because of our culture.  Because of our leadership.  Because we're family (albeit a growing family).  



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